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Flinto Tutorial: Animating a Landing Page!

In this video, I animate a landing page for a product website. I go over certain easing guidelines and show how to delay certain elements to add visual interest to your prototypes.

How to succeed in User Experience with anxiety.

Here you will read how to overcome anxiety

Flinto Tutorial Videos

These tutorial videos are a great way to get started with Flinto. There are 100+ more videos on the Flinto YouTube channel.

Flinto Course

Prototyping with Flinto is one of the most essential skills for the best UI/UX designers. The software allows its user to create transitions and micro interactions which very precisely showcase the project’s functionality. You are able to perfectly reflect the workings of an app before its final implementation or project presentation. Working with Flinto gives you an unprecedented level of control over every single aspect of the project, and this course is all you need to start your Flinto experience!