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Lockdown 2020: Affinity Photo Creative Sessions

You will learn- How to perfect a portrait in Affinity Photo for iPad with Drue Photo, Creating characters for animation using real-life textures in Affinity with Tapocketa, Keeping it mobile: editing smartphone landscape photos in Affinity Photo for iPad with Jo Bradford, How to sci-fi like a Pro in Affinity Photo with Olivio Sarikas, Transforming dreams into digital art using Affinity Photo for iPad with Manuel Camino, Perfecting your advertising images in Affinity Photo with Fernando Martins Ribeiro, Creating a fantasy composite in Affinity Photo with Affinity Revolution, How to polish and perfect an image using Affinity Photo with Elena Paraskeva, Creating a realistic photo composite in Affinity Photo with Joseph Cristina, Using Atmospheric Perspective for concept paintings in Affinity Photo for iPad with Paolo Limoncelli, Editing a landscape in Affinity Photo with Matt Donovan, Astrophotography workflow in Affinity Photo with James Ritson, Colour grading for dramatic portraiture in Affinity Photo with Ivan Weiss, An overview of the Affinity suite with Ash Hewson

Affinity Photo for desktop tutorials

Watch tutorial and quick tip videos for the fastest, smoothest and most precise creative software Basics, Advanced ,Corrective & Retouching, Creative Tools ,Filters & Adjustments ,Export Persona, Workflows & Techniques

Affinity Photo Editing Tutorials

If you’re new to Affinity Photo and want to learn how to use it, start here. Making Sense of Affinity Photo Desktop,Introducing the Develop Persona,Deep Dive into the Develop Persona & RAW Converter,Master Using Layers & Filters,Luminosity Masks Made Easy,Export Persona Features You Don’t Know


Affinity In-house video tutorials are created and published by the Affinity Documentation Team. These videos can also be accessed from the Affinity website, Affinity Vimeo Channel, Affinity Forums (In-house Video Tutorials | Affinity Photo Beginners videos | Example editing/workflow videos) and on Apple TV (Affinity TV app). There’s a free trial available in case you want to experiment with your own images while following along the videos. The Beginners Series is tailored to absolute beginners, with a more manageable pacing and focus on concepts and straightforward procedures. This set has been subtitled (UK English). There's also practise files available for download at the bottom of the respective section. The Windows Workflow section aims to demonstrate Affinity Photo's feature set and, hopefully, help viewers understand how the tools and features they're accustomed to using in other software can translate to Photo's implementations.