Mohit Mehta

Mohit's Tutorials

Flinto-Getting Started

You'll get to learn about how to get started with Flinto, Add and Arrange Screens, Design Screens with Layers, Creating Links and Gestures, Working with Transitions, Reusing Animations

Working with Behaviours in Flinto

This tutorial provides the skills you need to to start working with behaviours in Flinto which comprises of opening up flinto, importing from sketch and much more.

Animating a Landing Page!

The tutorial will excel you in animating a landing page for a product website. It will come across certain guidelines and provide you the skills to add visual interest to your prototypes using Flinto

Thinking about Prototyping!

The intent of the tutorial is to embark its users of creating transitions and micro interactions which in turn will precisely embrace the project's functionality. The users will able to meticulously and perfectly showcase the working of an app before its final implementation or project presentation.