AKSHAYA's Tutorials

Getting started with Raspberry Pi

This tutorial provides one a basic knowledge of Raspberry Pi, it's major parts and procedure to connect and setup. It gives details about the Hardware and Software components essential for setup. It takes one for a tour to access Raspberry Pi in your computer, connect it to internet either by Ethernet or WiFi network.

Raspberry Pi

This course deals with various projects on GPIO, Hardware, IoT, Home automation and many more. This course guides one through preparation of various Robots using Raspberry Pi controlled by IR, XBOX 360 etc.

The Raspberry Pi Tutorial - A Beginner’s Guide

This course gives a beginner's guide through Raspberry Pi. It deals with different ports present in Raspberry Pi and guides one through setting it up for the first time. This enables one to use Raspberry Pi remotely with different terminal commands. The course also guides you in Installing the Raspbian with NOOBS.

Introduction - Raspberry Pi tutorial

This course deals with an Introduction to Raspberry Pi. It gives the basic details and specification of Raspberry Pi, it's major ports, installation of NOOBS and interfacing Pi with a network. Basic terminal commands for setup is also discussed in this course.