19ECE1024 Priyanka Pandey

19ECE1024 Priyanka's Tutorials

Exploration of Raspberry Pi computer

In this tutorial you will learn about Raspberry Pi computer, it's features, how to make it's connection and how to operate it in computer in detail.

Varieties of skills using Raspberry Pi for every age group

Learn various skills using Raspberry Pi like sensors, Robots, compass, smart devices, Raspberry Pi and Arduino and many more things for people of every age group. You will also learn assembling, installation and controlling of each device.

Everything about Raspberry Pi- Be specialized

You will learn about each and every part or components of the Raspberry Pi. You will also learn how to set it up, it's exploration, how to control it through remote, installation, etc.

Python and Raspberry Pi

In this tutorial you will learn about different usages of Raspberry Pi with the help of programming language Python.