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Learn Svn | Best Tutorials and Courses

Duration: Self-paced
Description: You will learn about basic Mercurial commands. It also uses Mercurial integrated into Windows Explorer. It mainly focuses on practical usage.
Prerequisite: This course requires no prior experience.
Taught By: Javatpoint
Duration: Self-Paced
Description: In this course you will be learning about an introduction to Subversion, Version Control System, Installation process, SVN vs. Git, TortoiseSVN, VisualSVN Users & Access Permission. You will also learn about SVN Repository, Import, Checkout, Commands.
Prerequisite: This course does not need any kind of prior knowledge. However a basic understanding of Windows commands would be helpful, as it goes the same for SVN also.
Duration: Self-Paced
Description: This informative SVN Tutorial will explain the basics of software versioning concept and how SVN can be useful for the entire team. You will learn how to set up a free server repository and a free Tortoise SVN client UI to import and export code to/from the repository from this tutorial. Also you will be taught how to remove the code content from the repository.
Prerequisite: This course requires no prior knowledge.
Taught By: KeriLynn Engel
Duration: Self-Paced
Description: This course briefs the learner about Subversion and why to use it, Installation, Using Subversion, etc.
Prerequisite: This course requires no prior knowledge.
Duration: Self-Paced
Description: This course has a detailed study on SVN; it has covered right from the fundamentals to the command reference list required. It is a perfect course for anyone who wants to gain proficiency in SVN.
Prerequisite: This course requires no prior knowledge.
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