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Learn Sketch | Best Tutorials and Courses

Duration: Approx. 2 Months to Complete
Description: This intro to Sketch tutorial is a beginners guide to help get you started, made from excerpts of my complete course on Udemy. Sketch is a vector screen design application that’s primarily used for designing digital products — like apps and web interfaces. We design everything on a pixel grid like Adobe Photoshop, while every object we design is vector like Adobe Illustrator. It allows us to work with a canvas of infinite size and create as many artboards as we need for different screens. Because of that, we get to keep a ton of design work in a single document. Sketch gives us a lot of tools that make things a lot quicker and easier than Photoshop for UI design. When it comes to styling, we’re able to use multiple color and gradient fills, borders, and automatically scaling images on a single layer to keep out layers list clean and organized. It gives us the ability to reuse styles and elements throughout a design — so that you never have to waste time making the same change in multiple places. And those reused elements can be nested inside one another and then tweaked or swapped out to create powerful and flexible design systems. And then finally export assets for all different device resolutions — and your assets can be organized easily into folders and can be recreated instantly if something needs to be changed in the future. Sketch really all about designing and updating digital products as quickly and with as little friction as possible. So let's dig in and learn how Sketch is going to make your life a whole lot easier.
Prerequisite: This course require no prior experience.
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