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Learn Sinatra | Best Tutorials and Courses

Taught By: Piotr Szotkowski
Duration: Self-Paced
Description: Creating you own voting app sound fun doesn't it? You will be learning a web development framework for Ruby called Sinatra. Sinatra is more like Ruby and Rails but much interactive and fun one too! It'll teach you how to install Sinatra, adding index view, add ability to POST results. It consist very detailed and descriptive steps which will make your learning more fun and easy.
Prerequisite: You need to know the basic of computer operation.
Taught By: NanoDano
Duration: Self-Paced
Description: You will be learning about what Sinatra is, how to install it and get started, Receive data, Return data, Return JSON, Modifying HTTP response, redirects, Authentication, Logging In this course you will get a strong knowledge of how to work with Sinatra in web development
Prerequisite: This course required no prior knowledge. Knowing basics about UBUNTU will be helpful.
Taught By: Dan Harper
Duration: Self-Paced
Description: You will be learning about coding in Sinatra. singing with Sinatra, The recall app, The Encore, Introduction to Sinatra and Hmal. This course contains various coding tutorials to help you learn web app developmental in a very easy and descriptive way possible.
Prerequisite: Basics to coding with Sinatra and Ruby , HTML, CSS.
Taught By: Darren Jones
Duration: Self-Paced
Description: You will be learning how to create To Do List App called 'Just Do It' with the help of Sinatra and DataMapper This course will help you learn basics of Sinatra and show you how you can create an basic app using Sinatra learn about Inline Templates, External View, Dynamic Inputs.
Prerequisite: No prior knowledge is require for this course. Basics about ruby will be helpful.
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