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Learn Opencv | Best Tutorials and Courses

Taught By: Google
Description: This comprises the topics regarding the Library named "OpenCV" in python which is necessary for Image Processing by using Python Programming Language.
Prerequisite: This describes about the Prerequisite of the OpenCV Library, It doesn't require any prior experience and these are ant initial Level of Learning Python's OpenCV.
Duration: Approx. 4 months
Description: This Tutorial Expresses, The Value & Applications of OpenCV in a Beginner Level.
Prerequisite: It requires no Prior Experience. Since, It is a Beginner Level Course, Would be useful to learn Computer Vision(CV).
Taught By: pyimagesearch
Duration: Approx. 6 Months
Description: It is used to Learn for the New Learners Who are enthusiastic & eager to know about the OpenCV library.
Prerequisite: This will help you to Learn about creating an OpenCV projects in real-time world projects to initiate the Computer Vision.
Taught By: pythonprogramming
Duration: Approx.10 months
Description: Loading Images by using OpenCV Library in Python will be an advantage to object Detection(Computer Vision). You will Learn about the pushing the images in the OpenCV for Detection.
Prerequisite: It Requires the Intermediate knowledge about OpenCV. Knowing the Basics is must, Compulsory. It may lead to being expert in Intermediate Level & be prepared for Advanced level.
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