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Learn Mercurial | Best Tutorials and Courses

Duration: Self-Paced
Description: You will learn to install mercurial, creating a repository, handling independent changes and to merge all changes.
Prerequisite: Before this tutorial, the basic concepts and commands of Mercurial should be known.
Duration: Self-paced
Description: You will learn about basic Mercurial commands. It also uses Mercurial integrated into Windows Explorer. It mainly focuses on practical usage.
Prerequisite: This course requires no prior experience.
Taught By: Lars Vogel
Duration: Self-paced
Description: You will learn about the Distributed Version control system, Mercurial, Installation, Mercurial usage with the command line, etc.
Prerequisite: This course does not require any prior experience.
Taught By: Mark Gates
Duration: Self-paced
Description: You will learn about Basic commands in a single repository, Multiple users/branches, BitBucket, Distributed source control management, Similar to git, etc.
Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of mercurial.
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