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Learn Linux | Best Tutorials and Courses

Taught By: Peppertop
Duration: Self-Paced
Description: You will learn about the basics of Ubuntu, Terminal, Creating folders and files, Moving and manipulating files, The command line and the superuser, Hidden files, etc.
Prerequisite: No prior knowledge of Linux is required.
Taught By: Ryan Chadwick
Duration: 2 weeks
Description: Tutorial is divided into 13 sections. You will learn about command, basic navigation, more about files, filters, scripting, Cheat sheet and many more.
Prerequisite: Absolutely no prior knowledge is required to start this course. It's for beginners and you will have no issues while learning the course, you can catch up easily.
Taught By: Kubernetes
Duration: 4hrs
Description: You will learn about the Basics of Ubuntu, brief history lesson, opening a terminal, creating folders and files, moving and manipulating files, a bit of plumbing, the command line and the superuser, hidden files and conclusion
Prerequisite: This tutorial requires no prior experience. Download Ubuntu desktop and replace it with your current operating system .
Taught By: David clinton
Duration: 14days
Description: Ubuntu, Linux mint, centOS, RHEL, Arch Linux this type of term you will understand from this course
Prerequisite: This course requires no prior experience.
Taught By: Ryan Chadwick
Duration: 14hrs
Description: You can learn How to use the bash command line interface on Unix Linux, introduction, outline, structure, general House rules, problem solving and creativity, obtaining Linux.
Prerequisite: There is no need of prior experience.
Taught By: Mr. Roy
Duration: 14 days
Description: This tutorial provides basic and advanced concepts of Linux. What is Linux, advantages, history, features, bash,.
Prerequisite: There is no need of prior experience.
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