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Learn Codeigniter | Best Tutorials and Courses

Taught By: Codelgniter
Duration: Self-paced
Description: In this tutorial, you will be generating a basic news application. In the first half, you will commence by putting down the code that can load static pages and in the second half, you will create a news section that reads news items from a database. Ultimately, you'll add a form to create news items in the database.
Prerequisite: Basics of PHP. We advice you to look into W2Schools PHP Tutorial before proceeding.
Taught By: javatpoint
Duration: Self-paced
Description: Our CodeIgniter tutorial is formulated for beginners and experts. CodeIgniter is a high-performance PHP framework for developing MVC-based web applications.
Prerequisite: Before understanding CodeIgniter you must have a basic conception of PHP.
Taught By: phptpoint
Duration: 15 Days
Description: This Codeigniter tutorial will cover everything from scratch, methodically and systematically, to facilitate you to operate it fully. Topics as Mentioned: Codeigniter Installing, Codeigniter Architect, Models, view, Database Configuration, Controller, Display Record, Delete Record example etc.
Prerequisite: Brush up on core PHP, HTML, and Advance PHP, or any of it.
Taught By: Domantas G.
Duration: Self-paced
Description: This course will teach how to install, configure, and use CodeIgniter to create a PHP web application. Also, you are going to learn about the MVC (Model-View-Controller) and its implication in modern web development.
Prerequisite: This course require no prior experience.
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