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Learn Basic | Best Tutorials and Courses

Taught By: Ornella Altunyan
Duration: Self-Paced
Description: In this tutorial you will learn to use Visual Studio to create and run console app and explore some features of the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE).
Prerequisite: The tutorial is introductory; you just need Visual Studio installed in your computer.
Taught By: the coding guys
Duration: Self-Placed
Description: You will learn the basics of Visual Basic (VB) like syntax, variables, strings, dates and times, math, operators, decision statements ,and loops. You will also learn a few advanced features and Visual Basics' real-life applications.
Prerequisite: You don't need any prerequisite experience or knowledge for this tutorial.
Duration: Self-Paced
Description: Here, you will learn the Visual Basic (VB) tutorial with examples. The topics that will be covered are Visual Basic Environment Setup, VB Data Types, VB Loops, VB Arrays, VB Classes, VB Constructors, VB Methods, VB Collections, VB Generics, VB Threading, etc.
Prerequisite: You need to have basic knowledge on C, C++ programming, then it will be easy for you to understand Visual Basic (VB) tutorial concepts because the same C++ programming OOPS (object-oriented programming) concepts.
Taught By: Javatnet
Duration: Self-Placed
Description: In this tutorial you will learn all the basic and advanced concepts of VB.NET such as features, strings, arrays, program flow control, file and exception handling, events, forms, buttons, and more.
Prerequisite: Before learning the VB.NET, you must have the basic knowledge of Visual Basic and OOPs.
Taught By: Traversey Media
Duration: 30 minutes
Description: In this video tutorial, we will dive into the MongoDB NoSQL database and look at the fundamentals and the syntax to create, read, update, and delete documents/data.
Prerequisite: No Prior Knowledge required
Taught By: James Darknell
Duration: 1hr 7min 26sec
Description: Modo is a powerful 3D tool used in the film, game and design industries. Known for its intuitive interface and artist friendly approach, this title provides a jump start for users new to the software. In this lecture, 3D Artist Gennaro Esposito provides a thorough introduction to Modo 12 while demonstrating the core toolset for navigation, selection, modeling, unwrapping, texturing, lighting, shading and rendering. Through the creation of a professional asset designed by Oscar Cafaro, he delves into the user interface and viewport, then demonstrates the main modeling tools, the procedural modeling approach, Mesh Fusion and the topology tools.
Prerequisite: This course requires professional designing in 3D and creating animations.
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