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TekMinsa is a web application implemented using the Django framework. The basic idea is to create an interactive platform for students/mentors of various institutes/universities. Though it was not completely implemented, the registration and the sign-in system were implemented. Once the user performs sign-in, he will be redirected to the profile page, where basic profile info and technical news feed were displayed. I've used NewsApi for this, I've created models for posts and comments. It is my own initiative, so I am working on it whenever I'm getting free time.

More Details: TekMinsa

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The game is the traditional TicTacToe game in which a player has to make a pattern of 3 symbols which can be horizontal , vertical or diagonal. It can be played in the terminal or powershell in windows. It has 3 types of game play:

  1. with another human player.
  2. with random computer player in which you can win.
  3. with smart computer player in which you can never win.

The smart computer player is written using minimax algorithm which is used in AI.

Minimax is a decision rule used in artificial intelligence, decision theory, game theory, statistics, and philosophy for minimizing the possible loss for a worst case scenario. When dealing with gains, it is referred to as "maximin"—to maximize the minimum gain.

Minimax is a kind of Backtracking algorithm that is used in decision making and game theory to find the optimal move for a player, assuming that your opponent also plays optimally. It is widely used in two player turn-based games such as Tic-Tac-Toe, Backgammon, Mancala, Chess, etc.

In Minimax the two players are called maximizer and minimizer. The maximizer tries to get the highest score possible while the minimizer tries to do the opposite and get the lowest score possible.

Every board state has a value associated with it. In a given state if the maximizer has upper hand then, the score of the board will tend to be some positive value. If the minimizer has the upper hand in that board state then it will tend to be some negative value. The values of the board are calculated by some heuristics which are unique for every type of game.

The random player chooses his move randomly using the random library in python.

More Details: TicTacToe-AI

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Telecom Churn Prediction

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This case requires trainees to develop a model for predicting customer churn at a fictitious wireless telecom company and use insights from the model to develop an incentive plan for enticing would-be churners to remain with company. Data for the case are available in csv format. The data are a scaled down version of the full database generously donated by an anonymous wireless telephone company. There are still 7043 customers in the database, and 20 potential predictors. Candidates can use whatever method they wish to develop their machine learning model. The data are available in one data file with 7043 rows that combines the calibration and validation customers. “calibration” database consisting of 4000 customers and a “validation” database consisting of 3043 customers. Each database contained (1) a “churn” variable signifying whether the customer had left the company two months after observation, and (2) a set of 20 potential predictor variables that could be used in a predictive churn model. Following usual model development procedures, the model would be estimated on the calibration data and tested on the validation data. This case requires both statistical analysis and creativity/judgment. I recommend you pend much time on both fine-tuning and interpreting results of your machine learning model.

More Details: Telecom churn Prediction

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Virtual Dental Clinic

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Ongoing under the guidance of Dr. Sateesh Kumar Peddoju, Department of Computer Science & Engineering from November 2020 to present. In this project we are creating a platform using Nodejs where the patients can consult with dentists regarding their symptoms in a virtual environment made available via both a web-based application and mobile-based application compatible on android and ios devices. The patient will be able to easily connect to the dentists for timely collaboration and consultation according to their time and space feasibility. The patients can consult with a dentist of their choice via audio/video streaming and text-based messaging. The patients can receive diagnosis and prescription at a time and place more convenient to the patient. Patients will have to upload their current symptoms and the dentists, on the other hand, will analyze the patient’s reports and prior records to write and upload the prescriptions. The application will also maintain patients records for future reference in a secure database.  We ensured the functional and non-functional requirements and design for such an application with emphasis on efficiency, reliability, and security of the services provided by the application and the data stored. The developed application will allow the patients with a quick, easy, and secure way of consulting with a dentist of their choice.

More Details: Virtual Dental Clinic

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Movie Website

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->Problem statement:Create a simple login form where a user can sign in and then there should be one page where user can rate as well as put comments on the movies (you can make list of any 10 movies). The average rating and comments should be visible besides the movie name.


Technology Used:

Front end:



Back end:




Database used:




Steps required to run the code:

-Make sure you have nodejs installed in your computer if not I have mentioned the process to download it in windows below

-Install nodemon by entering npm install -g nodemon in terminal

-Then install mongodb server on https://www.mongodb.com/try/download/community (If already downloaded ignore this step)

-Clone the project in your computer by git clone https://github.com/abhishekdhar30/Internship_assg02 command on terminal.

-Open the terminal having path set to the directory in which project is present

-Run npm install (this command will install all packages present in our json file)

-Run nodemon app.js command

-If you are unable to install nodemon for some reason you can also use <strong>node app.js</strong> instead of above step

-Open browser and set url as <strong>localhost:3000</strong> and press enter this will open our project



-> Installation Steps to download nodejs in windows(This step is for those who don't have installed nodejs in their pc)

-Download the Windows installer from the https://nodejs.org/en/ web site. 

-Choose the LTS version that’s shown on the left. 

-Run the installer (the .msi file you downloaded in the previous step.)

-Follow the prompts in the installer (Accept the license agreement, click the NEXT button a bunch of times and accept the default installation settings).

- Restart your computer. You won’t be able to run nodejs until you restart your computer.

- Confirm that Node has been installed successfully on your computer by opening a Hyper terminal and typing in the commands node --version

You should see the version of node you just installed.



I have created two pages one for login and another for movies.

I have set login page as home page i.e It should be the first page of the project

I have created 10 blocks in movies page for movies in which user can enter ratings and comments and they will be reflect beside to movie name where rating and comments are entered

I have used mongoose mongodb database to store data in database 

The actual work should be like this I have stored the data which user entered in database and when the user click on submit button it will show all data to movies page bcoz I have redirected the page back to movies page 

And I have added one extra feature which is when the user login the page all the previous data in database will be deleted

More Details: Movie website

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Augmented Reality Circuit Visualizer and Solver.

Categories Won

TartanHacks Grand Prize

Facebook Company Prize

Attempted Prize Categories

Duolingo’s Social Impact Prize (Educational)

GoDaddy’s Social Impact Prize (“Best app that improves STEM education”)


Long hours spent on ECE problem sets and frustration visualizing convoluted circuits caused these four CMU undergrads to create a circuit visualization system that would also help them solve circuits. A member of the team is currently in the intro ECE course: "Well it's not bad, I guess." - Team Member

What it does

ResistAR is an Augmented Reality Circuit Visualizer and Solver. A user can place down circuit elements in parallel and series configurations and ResistAR will solve the current through and voltage across each element of the circuit. It gives the user an easy way to see (sharp) the circuit.

How we built it

We first began with 3D printed chassis for the VuMark targets. These targets are identified and parsed by the program and cross checked against our cloud database on Vuforia. We then created 3D, textured, models in Blender that will hover over the VuMark targets. We then wrote the code in Unity that will calculate voltage and current values using concepts from vector calculus and matrix algebra.

Challenges we ran into

The math was very difficult and attempting to rush a 3D printed design was also difficult but there was a rush because 3D printing would be a very time consuming process. Thus we also had to create a lot of our latter designs around the already 3D printed parts. VuMarks were also difficult to create. VuMarks must be very easily distinguishable from each other and non-symmetric along any axis, and therefore took a while to get finely tuned and calibrated. Finally the math was a very difficult thing to visualize. We had to go from 3D space to 2D space and there were some difficulties with projections. The coders did end up writing relatively bug-free code, but not before a long, arduous thinking process.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The two logic/algorithm gods that we had on our team solved an extremely complex math problem very quickly. Also our 3D printed parts are actually fire though. Just saying.

What we learned

Two 5 hour energies in 72 hours is actually not as bad an idea as some might think. Math is hard.

What's next for ResistAR

Norton and Thevenin Equivalents. Yikes.

More Details: ResistAR

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