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Automated Plant Watering System (Iot ,Html)

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


The automated plant watering system is a project under the domain                                                          ‘Internet of Things’ that can detect the water requirements of plants using a soil moisture detection sensor and can automatically turn on and off the supply of water accordingly.

The user has the convenience of setting up the system to either automated or manual mode and can check the status of soil and the details of the last time the plant has been watered.

This is accomplished by creating a webserver that contains certain buttons which provides the choice of the mode of supply and provides access to every other detail.


1. Raspberry Pi

2. Soil Moisture Sensor

3. Water Pump

4. Relay Module 5V


1. Python for Raspberry Pi (flask and psutil libraries)

2. HTML for application interface

 Design and algorithms used:

The code for the project was written in the python language. Various libraries were installed to serve different purposes such as interaction with RPi GPIO, connecting the program to the web server etc. For maintaining the control on entire working, a web page is created and all the actions are controlled using the web interaction page using HTML


This is the project designed for the Agricultural purpose. In general a person has to monitor the water content in fields and switch on/off the water pump regularly, Using this project the soil moisture sensor itself senses the water content and automatically switches the motor ON if water content is low as per the conditions mentioned. All this procedure is controlled by Raspberry Pi as per the Python Code. Other than this, we have coded such that the last watered time, date also get displayed on the desktop.

    The code contained 4 sections, one of which includes the html code for a web page and the others for running, automated mode and interaction with the web page

My role in the project:

I worked mostly on the coding part in the project, especially the code for establishing the connection between the components using Python 

More Details: Automated Plant watering system (IoT ,HTML)

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Wholesale Management And Online Shopping Website

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


 Web Application for Wholesale Management System provides businesses with a simplified and strategic way of generating and receiving invoices, tracking orders, monitoring sales, purchase order and inventory maintenance.  


•Manage brand, category and subcategory details of products.

•Manage product details and minimum product stock details

•View product review given by online customers

•Generate inventory, product review reports.

•Manage raw material and their minimum stock details

Sales order:

•Manage sales order of Products and generate invoice for offline customers.

•Generate weekly, monthly, yearly sales summary report.

Purchase order:

•Manage purchase order for raw material and generate invoice order.

•Generate purchase summary report for purchased raw material.


Online order:

•Manage Online Orders

•Update Order Status of purchased product such as shipped, order place, delivered etc. 

•Generate Invoice for placed order.



•Manage Supplier Details


•Manage Employee Details


•Manage Expense Details like rent, maintenance, light bill, Food bill etc.

•Generate weekly,monthly ,yearly Expense report.


•System provides search facility on customer name, Order Placed, date of order, date of order dispatch, date of transaction, transaction amount, etc.

•System maintains details about placing order/dispatch order i.e., Order placed.

•Customers browse the Product catalog and able to search result.

•Customer is able to give Product review.



More Details: Wholesale Management and Online Shopping website

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Design And Analysis Of Automobile Chasis

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


Completed under the guidance of Dr. Shailesh Ganpule, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering during August 2019 to November 2019. The objective of this design analysis is to find out the best material and most suitable cross-section for a common “Goods Carrier Truck” ladder chassis with the constraints of maximum shear stress, equivalent stress and deflection of the chassis under maximum load condition. In present the Ladder chassis which are used for making buses and trucks are C and I cross section type, but here we also analysed the Box type and Tube Type. In Trucks generally heavy amounts of loads are carried due to which there are always possibilities of being failure/fracture in the chassis/frame. Therefore Chassis with high strength cross section is needed to minimize the failures including factor of safety in design. The different vehicle chassis have been modeled by considering three different cross-sections namely C, I , Rectangular Box (Hollow) and Tubular type cross sections. The problem to be dealt with for this dissertation work is to Design and Analyze using suitable CAD software and Ansys 19.2  for ladder chassis. The report is the work performed towards the optimization of the Truck chassis with constraints of stiffness and strength. The modeling is done using Solid works, and analysis is done using Ansys 19.2 .. The overhangs of the chassis are calculated for the stresses and deflections analytically are compared with the results obtained with the analysis software. Involved in designing of Heavy Loaded Vehicle chassis in SolidWorks with stress simulation and strain analysis in Ansys. Carried out Failure Analysis using Von Mises Criterion to obtain their sustainability. Performed Convergence Analysis to select the most optimized model with the desired factor of safety. Compared software(practical) value obtained with theoretical value obtained.


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Utilising Blockchain Technology In Control And Distribution Of Pharmaceutical Supplies

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


In a recent report by the world health Organisation, drug counterfeiting has been identified as a global problem. It estimates that in low- and middle-income countries, every 10th drug in market circulation is counterfeit or has a poor quality. The use of such substandard products may have a negative impact on the mortality rate. Medicines move through a supply chain in which several participants participate. These usually include the manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer. They are engaged in the production, transportation and sale of these products. Also in these systems, there is a key participant - the regulating authority responsible for each stage of the movement of batches of products throughout the chain. In particular, at the state level, this participant may be some authorised body of the state apparatus, for example, a special Agency for the control of turnover of medicinal products. Its main task is to delegate the rights to manufacture medicines according to state standards, as well as to control the movement of all units of goods ever produced. As for the consumer, there is another problem - the control of drugs, issued only by prescription. Dispensing without a prescription is illegal, however, the control of honesty of retailers, as well as with counterfeit medicines, is not easy and requiring a special approach.

This project is still in progress and is expected to be completed by Nov 2021.

More Details: Utilising Blockchain Technology in Control and Distribution of Pharmaceutical supplies

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Rock Paper Scissors

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


This is a handy game which is generally played between 2 players and which is certainly loved by every child on the earth. Each player performs 1 out of 3 shapes that is Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Rock beats scissors, Paper beats Rock and Scissors beat Paper.

There are 2 outcomes of this game which is loose or win. Random module is used in this game project. The random module will select a value between the given range. So as to install the random module, simply go to command prompt and type “pip install random”

There are 2 functions in this code which is “choose_option_for_user" and "computer_option".

In first function, it allows the player to choose one among rock paper and scissors and in the second function it allows the computer to make its choice. Here, the computer will choose the option randomly with the help of random module. And the last is the while loop, where we determine whether the player or the computer wins the round or whether it’s a tie.

The main logic of the game is that the player will choose their choice then the computer will choose the choice then both the choices will be compared and winner will be determined. If the player wants to play again then they can choose yes/no in it and if they doesn’t want to play it will break the loop.


More Details: Rock Paper Scissors

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