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Last Updated on May 3, 2021


Create an English Thesaurus app that returns definitions of English words

It also searches for words matching closely to the given word , like for example if we want to search 'rain' and there is a typing error and we wrote 'rainn' , still the program will give output of the word 'rain'.

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Human Computer Interaction Using Iris,Head And Eye Detection

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


HCI stands for the human computer interaction which means the interaction between the humans and the computer.

We need to improve it because then only it would improve the user interaction and usability. A richer design would encourage users and a poor design would keep the users at bay.

We also need to design for different categories of people having different age,color,gender etc. We need to make them accessible to older people.

It is our moral responsibility to make it accessible to disabled people.

So this project tracks our head ,eye and iris to detect the eye movement by using the viola Jones algorithm.But this algorithm does not work with our masks on as it calculated the facial features to calculate the distance.

It uses the eucledian distance to calculate the distance between the previous frame and the next frame and actually plots a graph.

It also uses the formula theta equals tan inverse of b/a to calculate the deviation.

Here we are using ANN algorithm because ANN can work with incomplete data. Here we are using constructive or generative neural networks which means it starts capturing our individual images at the beginning to create our individual patterns and track the eye.

Here we actually build the neural network and train it to predict

Finally we convert it to mouse direction and clicks and double clicks on icons and the virtual keyboard.

As a contributing or moral individuals it is our duty to make devices compatible with all age groups and differently abled persons.

More Details: Human Computer Interaction using iris,head and eye detection

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Govindasamy Bala - Iisc Bangalore | A Significant Step In Understanding Climate Change

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


We are currently living in what is considered as the Anthropocene, an age in which human activities have a significant impact on the planet. Perhaps the most serious damage inflicted by humans has been on its climate. Climate change, driven by an increase in the average surface temperature of Earth, results from a surge in radiative forcing—the difference between the energy received by Earth and the energy radiated back to space. The radiative forcing agents of the industrial era include greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane, which trap the longwave radiation emitted by our planet. To measure how effective a forcing agent is in causing Earth’s climate to change, researchers use the concept of efficacy, defined as the ratio of global temperature change due to that particular forcing agent to the temperature change caused by CO2 for the same radiative forcing value.

In a new study, GovindasamyBala—one of India’s most well-known climate scientists—and his student, AngshumanModak, addressed the issue of the efficacy of the incident solar radiation relative to CO2.* Using a modelling approach, they considered climate system responses during three different time periods: a week, four months and a century.

“What we found was that the Sun is less effective than CO2 in causing climate change,” says Bala. In fact, the study shows that solar forcing is only 80% as effective as CO2 forcing. “This means that for the same radiative forcing, if CO2 causes 1 °C warming, the Sun causes only 0.8 °C warming,” he continues. This finding, Bala argues, is crucial not just for our understanding of the mechanisms of climate change but also for the formulation of more effective climate change policies. 

More Details: Govindasamy Bala - IISC Bangalore | A Significant Step in understanding climate change

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Smart Health Monitoring App

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


The proposed solution will be an online mobile based application. This app will contain information regarding pre and post maternal session. The app will help a pregnant lady to know about pregnancy milestone and when to worry and when to not. According to this app, user needs to register by entering name, age, mobile number and preferred language. The app will be user friendly making it multi-lingual and audio-video guide to help people who have impaired hearing or sight keeping in mind women who reside in rural areas and one deprived of primary education. The app will encompass two sections pre-natal and post- natal.

           In case of emergency i.e. when the water breaks (indication) there will be a provision to send emergency message (notification) that will be sent to FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging), it then at first tries to access the GPS settings in cell, in case the GPS isn’t on, Geolocation API will be used. Using Wi-Fi nodes that mobile device can detect, Internet, Google’s datasets, nearby towers, a precise location is generated and sent via Geocoding to FCM, that in turn generates push notifications, and the tokens will be sent to registered user’s, hospitals, nearby doctors, etc. and necessary actions will be implemented, so that timely            help will be provided

More Details: Smart Health Monitoring App

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Retail Analysis Of Walmart Data

Last Updated on May 3, 2021



One of the leading retail stores in the US, Walmart, would like to predict the sales and demand accurately. There are certain events and holidays which impact sales on each day. There are sales data available for 45 stores of Walmart. The business is facing a challenge due to unforeseen demands and runs out of stock some times, due to the inappropriate machine learning algorithm. An 

ideal ML algorithm will predict demand accurately and ingest factors like economic conditions including CPI, Unemployment Index, etc.


Walmart runs several promotional markdown events throughout the year. These markdowns precede prominent holidays, the four largest of all, which are the Super Bowl, Labour Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The weeks including these holidays are weighted five times higher in the evaluation than non-holiday weeks. Part of the challenge presented by this competition is modeling the effects of markdowns on these holiday weeks in the absence of complete/ideal historical data. Historical sales data for 45 Walmart stores located in different regions are available.


Dataset Description

This is the historical data which covers sales from 2010-02-05 to 2012-11-01, in the file Walmart_Store_sales. Within this file you will find the following fields:

  • Store - the store number
  • Date - the week of sales
  • Weekly_Sales - sales for the given store
  • Holiday_Flag - whether the week is a special holiday week 1 – Holiday week 0 – Non-holiday week
  • Temperature - Temperature on the day of sale
  • Fuel_Price - Cost of fuel in the region
  • CPI – Prevailing consumer price index
  • Unemployment - Prevailing unemployment rate


Holiday Events

Super Bowl: 12-Feb-10, 11-Feb-11, 10-Feb-12, 8-Feb-13

Labour Day: 10-Sep-10, 9-Sep-11, 7-Sep-12, 6-Sep-13

Thanksgiving: 26-Nov-10, 25-Nov-11, 23-Nov-12, 29-Nov-13

Christmas: 31-Dec-10, 30-Dec-11, 28-Dec-12, 27-Dec-13


Analysis Tasks

Basic Statistics tasks

  • Which store has maximum sales
  • Which store has maximum standard deviation i.e., the sales vary a lot. Also, find out the coefficient of mean to standard deviation
  • Which store/s has good quarterly growth rate in Q3’2012
  • Some holidays have a negative impact on sales. Find out holidays which have higher sales than the mean sales in non-holiday season for all stores together
  • Provide a monthly and semester view of sales in units and give insights


Statistical Model

For Store 1 – Build prediction models to forecast demand

  • Linear Regression – Utilize variables like date and restructure dates as 1 for 5 Feb 2010 (starting from the earliest date in order). Hypothesize if CPI, unemployment, and fuel price have any impact on sales.
  • Change dates into days by creating new variable.

Select the model which gives best accuracy.

More Details: Retail Analysis Of Walmart Data

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Virtual Dental Clinic

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


Ongoing under the guidance of Dr. Sateesh Kumar Peddoju, Department of Computer Science & Engineering from November 2020 to present. In this project we are creating a platform using Nodejs where the patients can consult with dentists regarding their symptoms in a virtual environment made available via both a web-based application and mobile-based application compatible on android and ios devices. The patient will be able to easily connect to the dentists for timely collaboration and consultation according to their time and space feasibility. The patients can consult with a dentist of their choice via audio/video streaming and text-based messaging. The patients can receive diagnosis and prescription at a time and place more convenient to the patient. Patients will have to upload their current symptoms and the dentists, on the other hand, will analyze the patient’s reports and prior records to write and upload the prescriptions. The application will also maintain patients records for future reference in a secure database.  We ensured the functional and non-functional requirements and design for such an application with emphasis on efficiency, reliability, and security of the services provided by the application and the data stored. The developed application will allow the patients with a quick, easy, and secure way of consulting with a dentist of their choice.

More Details: Virtual Dental Clinic

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