Indian Elections Analysis

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


With over 600 Million voters voting for 8500+ candidates across 543 constituencies, the general elections in the world's largest democracy are a potential goldmine of data. While there are existing separate datasets about the votes each candidate received and the personal information of each candidate, there was no comprehensive dataset that included both these information. Thus, this dataset will provide more usability than most existing datasets in this domain .I have performed Clustering and Apriori on this dataset .

More Details: Indian Elections Analysis

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Helping The People Who Are In Need

Last Updated on May 8, 2021


Our Inspiration

"Anybody can help but the help at the right time brings the big difference. Anybody can help everybody but helping the needy brings the big difference".

As rightly quoted above, helping the needy at right time brings the huge impact on the society. On this pandemic situation we come across lot of people in a risk of losing their life though staying inside the home .The reason behind this is,not COVID-19 but POVERTY. There also exist people who is passionate to serve the society by providing the people needs .So we,the TEAM CRUTCH has decided to serve the society through our tech minds by designing the app called CRUTCH which act as bridge between the donor & recipient .

This application is built on top of PEGA platform version 8.4


The challenging task for us is making the live request ,choosing the most needful services,handling the services between donor & recipient .But as a team we were able to conquer the challenges in to fruitful product.

CRUTCH acts as a platform of sharing assets to needy people at right time from donors.

Learning Experience

We had a great learning experience .We had a chance of experiencing activities,customizing harness & portal. .

Uniqueness of Our Application CRUTCH

Crutch provides the customer 6 services ,where the customer can chose any service through his/her interest.

Bringing the Need at your doorstep & right time.

Apart from donor & requester crutch has an additional feature of volunteer for people who is passionate in serving the society to assist donor & recipient in bringing their need at their doorstep a right time. Serve the society-tops the leader board. Crutch has an unique feature of maintaining leader board for volunteers on the basis of one who serves the best leads as top performer in leader board.

About crutch

Crutch is a platform that extends help for the needy people at right time.The motive of crutch is to concatenate the demand & supply . The services available in this app includes Food Service,Education Service ,Cloth Service ,Blood donate/Receive (share blood ) service ,Organ donate /receive (share organ) service,Money (Crutch pay )service .

How Crutch Works

Customer can register as donor/recipient initially .while logging in the next time he has the option to change his role type if he wills. After logging in he can chose any of six exclusive services .If the customer acts as recipient he can request his/her need. The intimation about the request will be sent to all registered donors if any of the donor accepts to donate, then crutch provides them an option to chose Volunteer assistance .if he chooses volunteer service the crutch volunteer will help in delivering the requirement from donor to recipient at right time. Thereby crutch feed the needy people at right time. Crutch has verification team to ensure that details submitted by recipient doesn't contain any false information.

Crutch Functionality

The crutch has 6 services apart from registration & Volunteer Survey & Feed the Need.The following is the detailed description of all case type.

1)Registration: The customer can sign in in to crutch application via registration case type. He has to specify his role type(donor/recipient) & service type(6 services) based on which the work group & workbaskets are assigned for them.They can change role type in future as well.After providing the preliminary details such as personal info,Organisation info(if he/she representing any org) & address details.After the approval by the admin crutch the access credentials are created for the customer.The case will not move to approval unless he accept terms & conditions of crutch . Innovation: We have implemented completion status- Progress bar for the customer to track his registration completion status

2)Feed The Need: The purpose of this case type is to help the needy people in choosing the service according to their need. Six exclusive services are shown to customer on their next login where he/she can choose one and proceed with flow.

Innovation: Six attractive icons are configured where the user clicks the Icon the corresponding case type begins.

3)Crutch Pay: The purpose of this case type is to donate/receive money .The recipient begins the case where he views all his details in editable format .They can edit it if necessary.The customer can raise money request for his own self or for his friend/relatives.In case of friend/relative .He has to provide their details.There are few predefined reasons present for requesting money such as requesting fund for orphanage/home, requesting fund for natural calamity,,requesting for illness/Accident .Customer can also provide his own reason of requesting by choosing others.He has to provide all the required info along with necessary documents.He will also specify his preferred timing for help.After his submission,there happens background verification process by crutch admin where all details are checked. The case proceeds forward only if details are true. Then on the successful completion of verification the intimation will be sent to all donors if any donors accepts he can confirm his own details and move for payment. Method of Payment can also be Negotiated by donor if he is comfortable with.After receiving the money the recipient fills the fullfilment and provide feedback.

Innovation:Modal dialog -Pop up for thanking the customer

4)Food Service: The donor /Recipient can begin the case by providing the Food details.If recipient begins the case it moves to donor for viewing the recipient details and if he accepts the request then it moves to gather delivery information.There the recipient has an option of requesting any volunteer service then the case routes to volunteer workbasket if any of the volunteer picks the work, then he confirms the donor& recipient address details and finally he delivers to them. If the donor begins the case he provides the details of donating food,the case routes to recipient workbasket . The recipient has an option of selecting self or volunteer service .If he goes for volunteer service ,then it routes to volunteer workbasket.if any of the volunteer picks the work, then he confirms the donor& recipient address details and finally he delivers to them.

5)Cloth Service: The donor /Recipient can begin the case by providing the Food details.If recipient begins the case it moves to donor for viewing the recipient details and if he accepts the request then it moves to gather delivery information.There the recipient has an option of requesting any volunteer service then the case routes to volunteer workbasket if any of the volunteer picks the work, then he confirms the donor& recipient address details and finally he delivers to them.If the donor begins the case he provides the details of donating cloth.the case routes to recipient workbasket .The recipient has an option of selecting self or volunteer service .If he goes for volunteer service ,then it routes to volunteer workbasket.if any of the volunteer picks the work, then he confirms the donor& recipient address details and finally he delivers to them.

6)Education Service: The recipient begins the case where he has the option to acts as referencer or self based on type of request he raise. If he is raising for him he can provide as self, if not he can act as referencer. He gives all his preliminary details & attach Necessary Documents.Then the case move forwards to background verification Process. Unless the background verification successfully completes the case does not move forward .On Successful completion ,it routes to donor workbasket.If any of the donor accept to provide contact details are shared with both.Then fulfillment details are received from recipient after receiving the help.

7)Share Blood: This case type can be accessed by donor/Recipient.If donor begins the case he can donate the blood by Providing all the necessary details .If in case of recipient begins the case ,he has two options either he can view the already donated blood details which matches his requirements or he can raise a new request.After his submission of request the case move forwards to donor where he can accept the request & confirm his details and also assist for volunteer service..thus,with help of volunteer support requirements are delivered from donor to recipient.

8)Share Organ: This case type can be accessed by donor/Recipient.If donor begins the case he need to provide his details If he had his organ registration certificate he need to attach it then the admin will review. Then the admin will approve /reject his request. If he does not have his organ registration certificate he can request for medical assistance.Now the hospital details are mailed to the donor. He have to visit the hospital within 5 days.Then the will check him and provide the certificate. If the case is begins by the recipient he can request for the organ.Noe he need to provide the required information and the certificate.Then the case will be routed to Donor hospital. If the donor is available the details will be send through mail.Then he will contact the hospital for further procedure. his hackathon is one of the memorable learning experience for our team .We had a great learning experience of new rules such as creating dynamic routing etc.

What's Next

As a team we ensure to give our cent percent effort to bring solutions to the problems & Challenges prevail in the society.

More Details: Helping the people who are in need

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Snake Game

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


I have made Snake game project using Python language. This is a fun game which you will enjoy during playing. The main objective of this game is to win the game and score more and more points. There are various requirements which are needed to build this Snake game project. These requirements are installation of various packages , modules,etc.

Installation of modules to build Snake game project : -

1. pygame module - It is a cross - platform set of Python modules designed for writing video games. It includes computer graphics and sound libraries designed to be used with the Python programming language.

2. tkinter module - This module is used in Python to build some interesting GUI applications. It uses tk toolkit to create GUI(Graphical User Interface).

So, these modules are used to create GUI applications, to build game -based projects.

Duration of the project - 10 months

My role in Snake game project is of Developer

Skills used - Python language

Modules used - pygame , tkinter

Toolkit used - tk

In this project, there is also a facility which I want to tell you that if you want to play the game again, then you can simply press 'P'.By doing this, you can play the game again and you will surely enjoy the game while playing. It's a fun game , and you can easily score more and more ponts

More Details: Snake game

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Resume Up-Loader

Last Updated on May 3, 2021



Ever you apply to an organisation with cv through mail but it might happen that specific organisation don't know that actually candidate need like job preference or type of job, so it get easier when we use this app called resume up-loader.

working model:-

It is my first self project using Django (python

framework) called Resume Up-loader .

where you put every detail about yourself ,job location photos,signature,CV,after submitting the information load on the server and next page you can look all your information and download the Resume also ,i am continuously working on it and upgrading that it list all the company on that preference job location for your current qualification and skill it help the candidate to know in which company is he/she is suitable for and it also company to know their candidate batter

Under a projects section

To make this single page website I have use the python web framework called Django

Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Built by experienced developers, it takes care of much of the hassle of Web development, so you can focus on writing your app without needing to reinvent the wheel. It’s free and open source.

I have also use HTML to define the structure of front-end and use style tag to make this beautiful

More Details: Resume up-loader

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Smart Fridge

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


A Smart Fridge that uses Computer Vision to log in food, keeps user updated by SMS, and provide recommendations.


We saw the brand new Samsung Family Hub smart fridge at the CES 2017, which require manual data log-in for the goods stored inside. We got inspired to create a smart fridge that can automatically log in what's inside the fridge, enable users to access the data remotely and have information recommended for the users based on what they have in the fridge.

What it does

This is an IoT-based smart fridge that uses Computer Vision to automatically log in food, informs the users through text messages of what's stored inside and expiration data, and recommend healthier and better use of user's’ current storage through features like checking nutrition and search for recipes related to some items.

How we built it

We used a button on an Arduino board to emulate the action of “closing the fridge door”. The signal created by the button is sent to a PC through a serial COM port. When PC receives that signal, the kinect camera is triggered to capture a photo of the current status in the fridge. The photo is then compressed and sent to our web server. Our web server is coded on Python+Flask and deployed on Google App Engine Flexible Environment. This web server also contains some logics for responding to Twilio messages, which will be mentioned later. When the web server receives that photo, it puts the photo in Google Cloud Storage. It also keeps some basic image metadata in Google Cloud Datastore database. Then the Google Cloud Vision API is called to analyze the photo and label it by what the item is and which category it belongs to. The labels (coming out of cloud vision api) are then passed to Google KnowledgeGraph API to be further narrowed down to things people would normally put in a fridge. The results coming out of Google KnowledgeGraph are then stored in Google Cloud Datastore database. Now the fridge basically identifies the items that were put in it by automatically capturing and analyzing photos. Every time new items are added to the fridge, Twilio would send a notification through SMS to inform user Users are also able to text Twilio some basic commands to:

  • Check what is currently in the fridge
  • Check which item is about to pass its expiration date
  • Check the nutrition of the food stored
  • Search for recipes related to some items

Challenges we ran into

1) Capture the kinect photo with the least noise and incorporated Arduino-based trigger for the photo

2) Integrate the local image capture, python web server, google cloud platform, and twilio together and make them work flawlessly. Specifically, the challenges include the following:

  • Image format conversion
  • Image compression and processing
  • Handling HTTP POST/GET requests between Local and web servers for images as well as web servers and twilio for sending and receiving texts
  • Create appropriate database structure to store images and item labels

3) At first, it was really hard to pick the right label from about 10 labels returned by cloud vision api. We used KnowledgeGraph first to narraw the list down to 3-5 labels, and then manually process them according to how “general” or “specific” they are.

4) There were some misleading parts in the documentation of cloud vision api in Python. The URI stated in the doc is not the correct format required by the actual function. We finally figured it out by looking into the C# version of that documentation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished it early enough to write this :p

What we learned

Learned so much about technical stuffs and non-technical stuffs along the way of development

What's next for Smart Fridge

Computer Vision System

  • Better recognition of photos containing multiple items of different categories
  • More accurate and systematic labeling of new items

Data log-in/Request methods

  • Use speech recognition to log in data, complementary to Computer Vision
  • A smarter twilio assistant capable of natural language processing

Data Utilization Features

  • Automatically refill necessity through Google Express

More Details: Smart Fridge

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Regression Analysis On Wallmart Sales Data

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


One of the leading retail stores in the US, Walmart, would like to predict the sales and demand accurately. There are certain events and holidays which impact sales on each day. There are sales data available for 45 stores of Walmart. The business is facing a challenge due to unforeseen demands and runs out of stock some times, due to the inappropriate machine learning algorithm. An 

ideal ML algorithm will predict demand accurately and ingest factors like economic conditions including CPI, Unemployment Index, etc.

 Walmart runs several promotional markdown events throughout the year. These markdowns precede prominent holidays, the four largest of all, which are the Super Bowl, Labour Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The weeks including these holidays are weighted five times higher in the evaluation than non-holiday weeks. Part of the challenge presented by this competition is modeling the effects of markdowns on these holiday weeks in the absence of complete/ideal historical data. Historical sales data for 45 Walmart stores located in different regions are available.

 Dataset Description

This is the historical data which covers sales from 2010-02-05 to 2012-11-01, in the file Walmart_Store_sales. Within this file you will find the following fields:

·        Store - the store number

·        Date - the week of sales

·        Weekly_Sales - sales for the given store

·        Holiday_Flag - whether the week is a special holiday week 1 – Holiday week 0 – Non-holiday week

·        Temperature - Temperature on the day of sale

·        Fuel_Price - Cost of fuel in the region

·        CPI – Prevailing consumer price index

·        Unemployment - Prevailing unemployment rate

 Holiday Events

Super Bowl: 12-Feb-10, 11-Feb-11, 10-Feb-12, 8-Feb-13

Labour Day: 10-Sep-10, 9-Sep-11, 7-Sep-12, 6-Sep-13

Thanksgiving: 26-Nov-10, 25-Nov-11, 23-Nov-12, 29-Nov-13

Christmas: 31-Dec-10, 30-Dec-11, 28-Dec-12, 27-Dec-13

 Analysis Tasks

Basic Statistics tasks

1.     Which store has maximum sales

2.     Which store has maximum standard deviation i.e., the sales vary a lot. Also, find out the coefficient of mean to standard deviation

3.     Which store/s has good quarterly growth rate in Q3’2012

4.     Some holidays have a negative impact on sales. Find out holidays which have higher sales than the mean sales in non-holiday season for all stores together

5.     Provide a monthly and semester view of sales in units and give insights

 Statistical Model

For Store 1 – Build prediction models to forecast demand

·        Linear Regression – Utilize variables like date and restructure dates as 1 for 5 Feb 2010 (starting from the earliest date in order). Hypothesize if CPI, unemployment, and fuel price have any impact on sales.

·        Change dates into days by creating new variable.

Select the model which gives best accuracy.

More Details: Regression Analysis on Wallmart Sales Data