Bitcoin Price Prediction

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


Made a Bitcoin Price Prediction using Linear Regression.

Tech Stack:

  • Python
  • Numpy
  • Pandas
  • Matplotlib
  • SkLearn

Attached the image showing the outputs.

More Details: Bitcoin Price Prediction

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Daily Planner

Last Updated on May 3, 2021



Project Title:Daily planner Software Used: Android Studio

Daily planner is java based android applicationThis is daily routine application which will helps us to schedule our daily routine and maintain daily checklist. In this to-do list app, we can update our daily routine as well as weekly tasks. We can also delete and add the task from morning to night and set reminder, we can also see the previous task performed in previous months, weeks and days. We get reminders for a particular task through notification. This is how, we can schedule our tasks as per our timing and will help us to remind and complete every task in an easy and efficient way.Features:

1.Creating Tasks: This feature helps you to create a task. Also, when you create a task there are less chances of forgetting it. This will give you clear idea of how many tasks you have to do.Moreover, daily planners have been a staple for both office and home. By providing sections for every time of the day, it helps you organize everything you need to do in your life, from meetings to important appointments and from spending time with kids to entertainment activities; it assists you with all these things. Daily planners are one of the best methods to address your time management. Planners have daily, weekly and monthly overviews permitting you to pen down all your important tasks and events on your schedule.

2.Setting reminder: This is used to schedule your meetings. And also gives reminder of pending task. Furthermore, these sections are normally large enough for you to write about your commitments, appointments, meetings or anything that you want to accomplish on a specified date.

3.View: Also, it allows you toorganize certain eventsat any day, time or hour, no matter if it is morning or evening. Allowing you to have a track of all events and records, you can manage your time accordingly. If you click on date then it will shows you all the task of that day.

4.Update and Delete:In this app you can update the task by clicking on the task which is displayed on the dashboard. If you don’t want a task that you’ve added before then you can simply delete that task.

More Details: Daily Planner

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Virtual Dental Clinic

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


Ongoing under the guidance of Dr. Sateesh Kumar Peddoju, Department of Computer Science & Engineering from November 2020 to present. In this project we are creating a platform using Nodejs where the patients can consult with dentists regarding their symptoms in a virtual environment made available via both a web-based application and mobile-based application compatible on android and ios devices. The patient will be able to easily connect to the dentists for timely collaboration and consultation according to their time and space feasibility. The patients can consult with a dentist of their choice via audio/video streaming and text-based messaging. The patients can receive diagnosis and prescription at a time and place more convenient to the patient. Patients will have to upload their current symptoms and the dentists, on the other hand, will analyze the patient’s reports and prior records to write and upload the prescriptions. The application will also maintain patients records for future reference in a secure database.  We ensured the functional and non-functional requirements and design for such an application with emphasis on efficiency, reliability, and security of the services provided by the application and the data stored. The developed application will allow the patients with a quick, easy, and secure way of consulting with a dentist of their choice.

More Details: Virtual Dental Clinic

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Task-Manager Backend Rest-Api(Node.Js)

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


Technology Used:

  • Node.js
  • Express js
  • MongoDB

Library Used:

  • jwt (json web token)
  • bcrypt
  • validator
  • sharp
  • multer

General Description:

  • In this project user can create its own tasks.
  • User can manage their tasks according to their preferences.
  • User can edit or delete the particular task and also user can track the status of task (i.e completed or pending).


  • In order to use application you should register in an application. You can make it by calling Sign Up API.
  • The password is stored in Encrypted format in database.
  • In Login API we generate an access token using jwt.
  • In order to call create,update,delete API'S we have to pass an access token in header section of the request.
  • If we don't pass an access token then user will got a message 'Please Authenticate'.

Database Structure:


description : String,

completed :Boolean,

owner : ObjectId,

timestamps :true


name : String,

email :String,

password :String

age : Number,




avtar : Buffer



URL TYPE Description

  • /users/login POST login
  • /users/ POST SignUp
  • /users/me GET Profile
  • /users/logout POST logout
  • /users/logoutall POST logout from all devices
  • /users/me DELETE delete user
  • /users/me PUT Updating user
  • /upload POST Uploading avtar
  • /users/me/avtar DELETE delete user avtar


URL TYPE Description

  • /task POST Create Task
  • /task GET Getting Task
  • /task/:id PUT Updating Task
  • /task/:id DELETE Deleting Task
  • /users/logoutall POST logout from all devices
  • /users/me DELETE delete user

More Details: Task-Manager Backend REST-API(Node.js)

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Loan Prediction

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


A Company wants to automate the loan eligibility process (real time) based on customer detail provided while filling online application form. These details are Gender, Marital Status, Education, Number of Dependents, Income, Loan Amount, Credit History and others. To automate this process, they have provided a dataset to identify the customers segments that are eligible for loan amount so that they can specifically target these customers. So in this project our main objective is to predict whether a individual is eligible for loan or not based on given dataset.

For simplicity i divided my projects into small parts-

  1. Data Collection :- I collected data from 'Anylitical Vidhya' as a CSV file. We have two CSV file one is train data which is used for training the data and other is test data which is used for prediction based on training of model.
  2. Import Libraries:- I import differnt Sklearn package for algorithm and different tasks.
  3. Reading data:- i read the data using pandas 'read csv()' function.
  4. Data Preprocessing -: In this part i first found missing values then i remove a column or imputed some value (mean, mode, median) According to the amount of data missing for a particular column.

I checked the unique value in each column. Then i did label encoding to convert all string types data to integer value. I used dummie function to convert each unique value to different columns . I find out correlation matrix which shows the correlation between columns to each other.

Then i split the data. I did analysis on each column and row of dataset.

Here i selected a classifier algorithm because it is a classification problem i.e. in this problem target value is of categorial datatype.

Then i create a model . I trained that model using Logistic regression Algorithm , which is a classification algorithm. I feed training dataset to model using Logistic regression algorithm. After creating model i did similiar data preprocessing to test dataset . And then i feed test dataset to trained model which predict the values of this test dataset. And then i found accuracy of this model using actual target value which is given in training dataset. and predict target value which we predict from test dataset.

After this i used another algorithm which is random forest classifier. i did traied the model using random forest classifier and then calculate the accuracy.

I compared the accuracy of both algorithm and i preffered algorithm which had better accuracy.

In this project i got 78.03% accuracy when i create model using random forest classifier and got 80.06% when i create model using logistic regression.

More Details: Loan prediction

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Web App

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


In this project I developed a web app using JSP and Html.

I've also used various styling using CSS.

This was a part of my academic project wherein I created a web app like pinterest .

I added a login page using JSP and if the password is incorrect it directs back to login page and if its correct it will direct to the main page where I've splitted the screen into various frameset using html .

In the main frame I've added marquee of html and at the top I've added various links like home page , know about us , show us our interest.

In the home page options it always directs us to the main page if we are at some other page and click at home page. I've used response.sendRedirect of JSP for the directing options to other pages.

In show us our interest I've added various interest options Using JSP using form of JSP which takes input of interest of the visitors.

On the left side of the main frame there are various options like photography , travel , hairstyle etc.

clicking upon them will direct to the page showing various pictures of that interest.

The main page is login.html used for opening the site.

The website runs of Local host .

The server used for the deployment is APACHE-TOMCAT.

The project was done under the guidence of our JAVA professor , through this we also learned various JAVA scriptlet concepts.

More Details: Web app

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