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The binary classification goal is to predict if the client will subscribe a bank term deposit (variable y)

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Snake Game

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


The objective of this project is to build a snake game project using Python. In this python project, the player has to move a snake so it touches the red dot . If the snake touches itself or the border of the game then the game will over.

The following are the methods I used :

Turtle module, random module, time module, and concept of python by basically used in this project

Turtle module gives us a feature to draw on a drawing board

Random module will be used to generate random numbers

Time module is an inbuilt module in python. It provides the functionality of time.

The steps to build a snake game project in python:

The first is Importing libraries then we move to create a game screen and also the creation of snake and red dot. Keyboard binding is to be done next followed by the game main loop.

We require turtle, random, and time module to import

To create Game screen I used :-

  • title() :  will set the desired title of the screen
  • setup() : used to set the height and width of the screen
  • tracer(0) : will turn off the screen update
  • bgcolor()  : will set the background color
  • forward()  : will use to move the turtle in a forwarding direction for a specified amount
  • right() : used to turn the turtle clockwise and left() used to turn the turtle anticlockwise
  • penup() : will not draw while its move

For creating Game screen I used :-

  • Turtle() :  will be used to create a new turtle object
  • hideturtle() :  will use to hide the turtle
  • goto() :  used to move the turtle at x and y coordinates

Now by adding key binding in which the directions in which the snake will go and how will be decided.

If the snake touches the border of the game then the game will over. screen.clear() will delete all the drawing of the turtle on the screen

We successfully developed Snake game project in python.

More Details: Snake Game

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Utilising Blockchain Technology In Control And Distribution Of Pharmaceutical Supplies

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


In a recent report by the world health Organisation, drug counterfeiting has been identified as a global problem. It estimates that in low- and middle-income countries, every 10th drug in market circulation is counterfeit or has a poor quality. The use of such substandard products may have a negative impact on the mortality rate. Medicines move through a supply chain in which several participants participate. These usually include the manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer. They are engaged in the production, transportation and sale of these products. Also in these systems, there is a key participant - the regulating authority responsible for each stage of the movement of batches of products throughout the chain. In particular, at the state level, this participant may be some authorised body of the state apparatus, for example, a special Agency for the control of turnover of medicinal products. Its main task is to delegate the rights to manufacture medicines according to state standards, as well as to control the movement of all units of goods ever produced. As for the consumer, there is another problem - the control of drugs, issued only by prescription. Dispensing without a prescription is illegal, however, the control of honesty of retailers, as well as with counterfeit medicines, is not easy and requiring a special approach.

This project is still in progress and is expected to be completed by Nov 2021.

More Details: Utilising Blockchain Technology in Control and Distribution of Pharmaceutical supplies

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Telecom Churn Prediction

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


Business Problem Overview In the telecom industry, customers are able to choose from multiple service providers and actively switch from one operator to another. In this highly competitive market, the telecommunications industry experiences an average of 15-25% annual churn rate. Given the fact that it costs 5-10 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one, customer retention has now become even more important than customer acquisition. For many incumbent operators, retaining high profitable customers is the number one business goal. To reduce customer churn, telecom companies need to predict which customers are at high risk of churn. In this project, you will analyse customer-level data of a leading telecom firm, build predictive models to identify customers at high risk of churn and identify the main indicators of churn.

Modelling Build models to predict churn. The predictive model that you’re going to build will serve two purposes:

1)It will be used to predict whether a high-value customer will churn or not, in near future (i.e. churn phase). By knowing this, the company can take action steps such as providing special plans, discounts on recharge etc.

2)It will be used to identify important variables that are strong predictors of churn. These variables may also indicate why customers choose to switch to other networks.

More Details: Telecom churn prediction

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Online Depression Detection

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


Purpose: Social networks have been developed as a great point for its users to communicate with their interested friends and share their opinions, photos, and videos refecting their moods, feelings and sentiments. This creates an opportunity to analyze social network data for user’s feelings and sentiments to investigate their moods and attitudes when they are communicating via these online tools.

Methods: Although diagnosis of depression using social networks data has picked an established position globally, there are several dimensions that are yet to be detected. In this study, we aim to perform depression analysis on Facebook data collected from an online public source. To investigate the efect of depression detection, we propose machine learning technique as an efcient and scalable method.

Results: We report an implementation of the proposed method. We have evaluated the efciency of our proposed method using a set of various psycholinguistic features. We show that our proposed method can signifcantly improve the accuracy and classifcation error rate. In addition, the result shows that in diferent experiments Decision Tree (DT) gives the highest accuracy than other ML approaches to fnd the depression.

Conclusions: Machine learning techniques identify high quality solutions of mental health problems among Facebook users.

Keywords: Social network, Emotions, Depression, Sentiment analysis

More Details: online depression detection

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Python Snake Game

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


This game reminds everyone their childhood memories.

In this snake game, the player has to move the snake to the fruit in order to eat it. The score will increase once the fruit is eaten. Also, the length of the snake will increase if the snake eats the fruit. The game will get over if the snake touches itself.

The turtle and random modules are used in this game project. So as to install these libraries, simply type “pip install turtle” and “pip install random” on the command prompt.

Turtle library allows us to create pictures, diagrams in a virtual form whereas random module gives the value between the given range of it.

There are 3 functions defined in this game which is “change”, “inside function”, and “move” function. In change function, the x-axis and y-axis are defined. In inside function, the logic of the game is written and in the move function, movement to the snake is given.

There are 4 keys mentioned in the code “right, left, up, down”.

If the player presses the right key, the snake will move to right direction, If the player presses the left key , the snake will move to left direction, If the player presses the up key , the snake will move to upward direction, If the player presses the down key , the snake will move to downward direction and if the snake touches itself the game will get over.

More Details: Python Snake Game

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