Bank Management System (Gui)-Python (Pyqt5)

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


Bank Management system is python GUI unique project, where you can manage various type of data like all banks do, you can deposit amount, withdrawal amount, check your balance, and admin can see all the user present in the database...

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Enterprise Ai

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


Enterprise AI is about enhancing the customer satisfaction index and to ensure customer stickiness to your organization. By infusing emerging technologies like artificial intelligence to engage and retain the set of customers. Using AI algorithm, we should address the use case. The business operation

processes like determining the customer sentiments from various different media like - Social media, Audio Calls, Video Calls, Images, Emails & Chats, interact with customers to provide quick and effortless

solutions, analyze and learn from buying behaviour to generate next best offer, ascertain customer retention and ensure lesser churn, derive AI-based Customer Segmentation, manage customer

touchpoints, evaluate customer feedback and engage with the customers. We provide a membership card to all the customers who purchase stocks in the store. By scanning the QR code the customer can fill the

feedback. Through the user can easily complete the feedback (Bad, Good, Very good) after purchasing. We are providing three categories (Bronze, Gold and Platinum) for our customers to categorize their

purchasing list to calculate the purchasing efficiency based on their quality ,they purchase. The customer who gives feedback as very good, they come under platinum category, best offers are provided to

them (free purchase for Rs.1000). Notifications will be sent to customers through the messages about the new products available along with its price. Best offers are also provided on festival occasions. We classify the feedback using classification algorithms like random forest to get the positive and negative feedbacks.

Negative feedback will be collected and rectified soon. Through this approach, the shopkeeper is able to get clear feedback about his shop easily.

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Voice Controlled Car(Micro-Python)

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


The Android Application is connected to the Bluetooth module (HC-05)present on the Car via Bluetooth. The commands are sent to the car using push buttons or voice commands present on the android application. At the receiving end two dc motors are interfaced to the microcontroller where they are used for the movement of the vehicle. The RF transmitter of the Bluetooth can take either switch press or voice commands which are converted to encoded digital data for the advantage of adequate range (up to 100 meters) from the car. The receiver decodes the data before feeding it to another microcontroller to drive DC motors via motor driver IC for necessary work. This technology has an advantage over long communication range as compared to RF technology. Further the project can be developed using IoT technology where a user can control the car from any corner of the world. Voice recognition uses recordings of human voices, but they do different things with it. Voice recognition stripes out personal differences to detect the words. Speech recognition typically disregards the language and meaning to detect the physical person behind the speech. For our project, if we want to make it user friendly then Voice Recognition is the best methodology to control this car. The proposed topic involves voice recognizing. Voice recognition is the process of capturing spoken words and commands using a microphone or telephone and converting them into a digitally stored set of words. Two factors decide the accuracy of the proposed voice recognition system: Accuracy in detecting the human words and processing those words at the desired speed so that the commands are executed with the least delay.

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Last Updated on May 3, 2021


Problem Statement

Develop tools that would increase Productivity for students and teachers. In the past 10-15 years we have seen the transition of things around us from offline to online, whether it's business, entertainment activities, daily needs, and now even education. Productivity tools have been a success with businesses and firms. Develop productivity tools for students and teachers in any domain of your choice that can achieve the same success in the educational field in the future.

Problem Solution

In this post - covid era, the education sector has erupted, with a plethora of new opportunities. Scholastic provides a complete and comprehensive education portal for students as well as staff.

  • The USP of the application are lab sessions simulated using Augmented Reality.
  • Other features include usage of virtual assistants like Alexa to provide reminders, complete timetable and file integration
  • A blockchain based digital report card system where teachers can upload report cards for students & send it to parents.
  • Plagiarism checker for assignments. It is a one - stop solution to all needs such as announcements and circulars from institution or a staff member, fee payment and even a chatbot for additional support.

Tech Stack

  • Google Assistant For Chatbot
  • Via the Actions Console
  • Python3 for Plagiarism Checker
  • Gensim
  • NumPy
  • NLP Models ( Word Embedding)
  • Heroku (For Deployment & making API Calls)
  • Android Studio with Java For Main Android App
  • AR Foundation For Simulated Lab Sessions with Blender & Unity
  • Ethereum, Solidity & React.js For Blockchain Based Storage for Report Cards (Along with Ganache & Truffle Suite)

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Car Price Prediction

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


It is a complete end to end project from starting stage of Data preprocessing till the last stage i.e. Model Deployment. In this project first I have done data wrangling which includes data cleaning phase in order to make our dataset more organized. Some of the common steps which I have included in my data cleaning phase are removing of outliers , handling missing values . After that I split my dataset into training and testing dataset with the help of train_test_split function . After that I have passed my training dataset to train my model , In this case I have used Random Forest Regressor as my model and GridSearchCV for the hyperparameter tuning. GridSearchCV helps us to find out the best parameters for our model which ultimately increases the accuracy of our model. After performing all these operations I have tested my model on my testing dataset and Fortunately my model is producing amazing result . I have calculated my accuracy score with the help of a function named accuracy_score. We can also use confusion matrix, classification report to see our model's performance. Accuracy of my model is 98.5%. Now at the end I deployed my model with the help of my basic web development knowledge. It includes some of the files like pickle file,, requirements.txt. Now If I talk about working of my model It is used to predict selling price of a car by taking some of the features like cost price, km driven, type of fuel etc.

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Javascript Form Validation Project

Last Updated on May 3, 2021


I have made JavaScript Form Validation using HTML/CSS/JavaScript. JavaScript form validation is a technical process where a web-form checks if the information provided by a user is correct. This form can be used for updating your information like name,city,etc. , and then after click on submit button the information which you have updated will be shown.

In the JavaScript Form Validation Project, when the user provides all the data and submits the form, usually by hitting the button, the information is sent to the server and validated. The response of the validator is sent back to the user's computer and it's visualised as either a confirmation message.

JavaScript Form Validation is an important feature of good user experience; by catching invalid data, the user can fix it straight away.

Working of JavaScript Form Validation Project:-

In this Project, when you enter data, the browser and/or the web server will check to see that data is in the correct format and within the constraint set by the application.If the information is correctly formatted, the application allows the data to be submitted and saved in a database.

This project is done by using validation attributes on form elements .These are:-

1 . required :- Specifies whether a form field needs to be filled in before the form can be submitted.

2. type :- Specifies whether the data needs to be a number, an emaill address, or some other specific preset type.

3. pattern :- Specifies a regular expression that defines a pattern the entered data needs to follow.

In this Project, after giving your personal information like your name, your address,etc, and then if you click on submit button , then the information which you have filled will be shown .

If you want to update some information ,then you can also do by clicking on update button.The updated information will be shown.

If you want to delete some record ,then you can also delete it by clicking on delete button.

Duration of Project:- 10 months

My role in this project is of Developer

Skills used :- HTML/CSS/JavaScript

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