If you are confused between Python and Java to use them as a programming language for your machine learning project, the best choice would be to choose Python over Java.

Let me tell you why am I saying so:

  • Machine Learning involves very complex algorithms. Python being very simple to read and write helps us easily implement those algorithms. This way we can focus more on machine learning than on the complexity of the programming language.
  •  Implementing machine learning algorithms all from scratch would require too much work. Hence, to solve this problem, we have pre-written machine learning libraries and frameworks such as

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  • Other features of Python include Platform Independence and a great community
    • Platform Independence means that you can write code on one machine and use it and run it on any other machine. So if you build your machine learning project on Linux and want to run it on windows, you are most welcome to do that.
    • Python has a great developer community. It is among the top 10 programming languages in the world. It is the most commonly used programming language used for Data Analysis and Web Development. You can find a lot of pre-built packages in python, online, to easily build anything you want. There are numerous python forums and sites where you can get help over your problems from other great developers.

Of course, when it comes to security, Java is a great programming language, but when it comes to simplicity, Python is better. Therefore, for complex implementations, such as in Machine Learning, Python will likely work better.

All the best for your next Machine Learning project. Let me know what you think about Python vs Java when it comes to machine learning in the comments below.