Digital Image Processing refers to the processing of digital images using a digital computer.

Digital Image Processing requires a computer and an image digitizer to process an image.

An image digitizer is used to convert image information into digital bits.

The physical image is divided into horizontal lines of adjacent pixels.

The number inserted into the digital image at each pixel location reflects the brightness of the image at the corresponding point.

The conversion process is called digitization.

Applications of Digital Image Processing

Gamma-ray imaging: Major uses of imaging based on gamma rays include nuclear medicine and astronomical observations.

X-ray imaging: X-ray imaging is used in medical diagnostics, as well as in industry and other areas like astronomy.

Imaging in the ultraviolet band: Applications of ultraviolet light include industrial inspection, microscopy, lasers, biological imaging, and astronomical observation.

Imaging in the visible and infrared band: Major areas of visible processing are remote sensing and micro-inspection to material characterization.